Wil Wheaton's Criminal Minds Production Diary

by Wil Wheaton
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Wil Wheaton's Criminal Minds Production Diary

Format: Audiobook

Pages: 2 pages

Language: English

Published: March 4th 2009

In July 2008, I worked on the CBS drama Criminal Minds. My episode was the fourth aired in the show’s fourth season, and is called Paradise. I played serial killer and rapist Floyd Hansen, a really bad man who traps couples in a cabin at his roadside motel, then tortures and kills them.

This is the audio version of my production diary from the show, which appears in my book Sunken Treasure, also available from Lulu. In addition to all the content from the print version, I've added several asides and extra information to provide additional context and background.

Length approx. 78 minutes