Viking in Love

by Sandra Hill
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Viking in Love

Format: Paperback

Pages: 400 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 9780061673498

Published: January 26th 2010

She said...

Caedmon of Larkspur is the most loathsome lout I have ever encountered! When my sisters and I arrived at his castle, we were greeted by servants and children running wild, while Caedmon lied abed after a night of ale. No doubt there will be another child soon, because I must admit he's as handsome as he is virile. And I must endure him, for we are in desperate need of protection, though I can only imagine what this knight will demand of me in return...

He said...

After nine long months in the king's service, all I wanted was peace...not five Viking princesses running my keep. And the fiery redhead who burst into my chamber that first morning is the worst of all. Why, I should kick her out...but I have a much more wickedly delightful plan for Breanne of Stoneheim, one that will leave her a Viking in lust.