The House on Fuller Street

by Beverly Tucker
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The House on Fuller Street

Format: Paperback

Pages: 96 pages

ISBN: 9780984921461

Published: May 6th 2013

The House on Fuller Street is a collection of memories of the people and places in the African American neighborhoods in small town Lexington, Virginia, from the days of emancipation, through segregation, and to the present day. These recollections were initially recorded as oral histories by the Historic Lexington Foundation. This book could have been volumes longer. There is so much more to be said and there are so many stories that deserve to be told-perhaps one day they will. Those that have been selected were mostly recommended by people who live in Green Hill and Diamond Hill neighborhoods. Whether we live in these neighborhoods or not, this is our history, and while the African American community is bonded by its unique history, we all live in the village-together.