The Haunting of Scarlet Hill House

by Lucrezia Black
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The Haunting of Scarlet Hill House

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 64 pages

Published: April 18 2019

Gilbert Hill's development of Scarlet Hill was so much more than a labour of love. During those initial years after its establishment in 1909, selected lady employees personally experienced Gilbert’s sadism, many disappeared, although none ever spoke of it.

Gilbert was eventually exposed and was summarily imprisoned to later die at his own hand. Years passed, and Gilbert’s distance family members resurrected the abandoned house into a fully functioning hotel, but have they resurrected something sinister as well.

Young Emma Carter is thrilled to be given the post of receptionist at Scarlet Hill. She can see no reason to be anything but happy working in this tangibly tranquil setting. That is until she has to work the Night Shift. Emma receives a call by the occupant of the ‘forbidden’ room. She had no idea that the special guest had even booked is here that Emma is incapacitated by paranormal sadism and evil beyond comprehension.

Somehow the tranquil house transforms after sun set, and it's as if unseen eyes are watching her, impeding her movements and trapping her thoughts. Can young Emma survive the impending terror of Scarlet Hill with her mind in tact?