Maple Street MILFs

by Diana Quippley
3.77 of 57
Maple Street MILFs

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 97 pages

Language: English

Published: September 4th 2015

An Erotic Tale of Naughty Mothers and Forbidden Pleasures (Smut with a Side of Story)

A tale dripping with satisfaction...

The mature mothers of Maple Street appear to be your average suburban housewives – doting, caring, and terribly attractive.

But the women harbor a lusty, secret desire... a taboo longing, dying to be fulfilled. A desperate craving to be satisfied.

They have been denied the pleasures of sexual conquest for far too long – but one gorgeous mother, Margo, has a plan to end their lewd drought in a very forbidden way...

She devises a sordid game – one involving the young, untouched boys and girls of the neighborhood – the sons and daughters of her best friends, having all just recently graduated school and turned 19...

The sex-starved MILFs set out on a quest to deflower the neighborhood virgins – taking turns in a naughty game of 'Choose a Cub'... but what happens when the horny moms go too far?

Mature and adult content -- hot to the touch! This story is filled with wanton debauchery and explosive acts of passion. There are many scenes of explicit vulgarity and panty-dropping pleasures... Expect nothing less... You have been warned!