In Borrowed Houses: A True Story of Love and Faith Amidst War in Lebanon

by Frances Fuller
4.59 of 27
In Borrowed Houses: A True Story of Love and Faith Amidst War in Lebanon

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 310 pages

ISBN: 9781490816081

Published: December 19th 2013

"In Borrowed Houses is the story of Frances Fuller's years with a Christian publishing house in Lebanon, years of constant warfare and heartache, marked by flashes of humor, grace, and beauty. In her richly detailed memoir, Fuller captures both the heartache and the grace. While she and her husband, Wayne, transform a derelict 'borrowed house' into a thing of beauty and a haven, the land around it is being torn apart. And we get stories-of neighbors and friends, coworkers and strangers. In these stories, Frances Fuller's writing comes vividly alive, and we come to know Lebanon and see its grandeur and the strength and faith of its people." -Bob Klausmeier, former book editor for Augsburg Fortress and Lion Publishing, plc

"Wise, honest, sensitive, funny, heart-wrenching, and a compelling read: In Borrowed Houses will pull you in, and it will change you. Frances Fuller has a sharp eye for human natures of all sorts, and she knows a great deal about how life should be lived. Who would think that the story of years spent in a war zone can make you laugh out loud? This one does. And then it goes much further. Read it. You'll be glad you did." -Jeanne Larsen, author of the Silk Road trilogy and Why We Make Gardens [& Other Poems]

"A wonderful read, beautifully written, the pages infused with love." -Pat Alexander, former editor, Lion Publishing, Oxford, England

"In Borrowed Houses is a pearl of great price. Articulate and restrained, Frances Fuller writes a captivating story for readers of all persuasions. She enlightens us with her inclusive compassion. Given the events in the Middle East since the Arab Spring, especially in Syria, these stories are more timely than ever." -Larry Brook, author, educator, and writer trainer