Doctor Who: Touched By An Angel

by Jonathan Morris
4.11 of 2,525
Doctor Who: Touched By An Angel

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 237 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 9781849902342

Published: June 23rd 2011

"The past is like a foreign country. Nice to visit, but you really wouldn’t want to live there."

In 2003, Rebecca Whitaker died in a road accident. Her husband Mark is still grieving. He receives a battered envelope, posted eight years ago, containing a set of instructions with a simple message: "You can save her."

As Mark is given the chance to save Rebecca, it’s up to the Doctor, Amy and Rory to save the whole world. Because this time the Weeping Angels are using Mark himself as a weapon to change history. Will the doctor stop mark or will the angels feast?